EyeOP1 is a novel medical device developed by EyeTechCare, a system delivering non-invasive treatment for refractory glaucoma. This treatment can be administered on an outpatient basis and is performed under local anaesthaesia.

The patient simply lies down close to the command module and a disposable therapy device is placed on the globe of the eyeball.

The therapeutic phase of the procedure lasts only a minute and the procedure itself can be performed outside of the operating theatre in, for example, an examination room or medical consulting rooms.

EyeTechCare holds a portfolio of 6 patents on this new treatment system.

Command module

The EyeOP1 system contains a command module which enables the ophthalmologist to set parameters for the procedure and to control the procedure throughout the treatment period.

The module has a touch screen , a command pedal and visual and audible control systems, enabling completely safe treatment to be administered.

The command module is connected to the therapy device which is a sterile disposable part placed on the patient’s eyeball.

The command module is equipped with two types of interfaces allowing the clinician to interact with the machine:

The 2 essential components of the system are found within the command module: