PLT-systeem Pascal-laser

Designed exclusively for PASCAL pattern scanning lasers, Topcon’s Pattern Laser Trabeculoplasty provides physicians greater levels of precision The PASCAL Streamline lasers systems offer a multifunctional solution. Physicians can now use their PASCAL Streamline laser for glaucoma management with either ALT or PLT, along with other conventional procedures.

The scanning technology and precision of PASCAL systems uses a tissue sparing laser delivery modality for laser trabeculoplasty. Pattern laser trabeculoplasty (PLT)* provides rapid, precise, and minimally traumatic (sub-visible) computer-guided treatment with exact abutment of the patterns. The patterns readily align to the trabecular meshwork, allowing faster and easier applications compared to other laser modalities.

The advantages are clear:

Post-operative treatment reports

The software provides detailed printed summaries of each PLT procedure, along with details of each laser setting, parameters and locations of the patterns. Automated documentation of patient treatment, pattern placement and system parameters offers added security for record maintenance.