PASCAL Synthesis 532nm

As well as multispot photocoagulation, the Pascal Synthesis now also offers you the possibility of treating your laser trabeculoplasties using patterns.

We call this 'Patterned Laser Trabeculoplasty' (PLT). The trabecular meshwork is divided into 32 segments and the PASCAL laser treats each segment with a unique pattern. The pattern is delivered in less than 250 milliseconds after which the system automatically moves on to the next segment. In total (360 degrees) 1200 spots are placed with a very low energy-output. This causes minimal damage to the trabecular meshwork, whilst still obtaining a good result. An average IOP reduction of 24% was achieved across a number of studies. 

By using this technique you save a considerable amount of time in comparison to the conventional method. We would be happy to demonstrate this unique method to you during a test installation.